A Day in the Life – 8th July

Today: A family trip to the beach, to the charity shops, chip shops and ice cream parlours of South Shields before picking Meg up from school. The earliness of the day meant that it’s only eleven but the night already feels so long. We ate in the car on the seafront, and sunshine turned to rain as we watched a group of children flee from the weather, leaving behind their tent for a teacher to recover. Mint-choc chip ice cream. A significant collection of books amassed from the day, one (Inside the O’Briens) already devoured. Plans for next week made.

In terms of old projects, I’ve marked up a few more pages of The Last Days, so I now have full revision notes on the first twenty five pages and just need to work those into solutions to the problems and basically completely rewrite that section. I think there’s about five lines of dialogue and exposition that are going to survive, with characters added, subplots deleted and detail added.

Writing wise, I’m trying to be coy with the amount of detail I share about this story before it’s done, but suffice to say it is slightly different from anything I’ve wrote before. Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.03.13

Subject matter wise, I’ve just had to run mid-sentence into Meg’s room to ask her a question about Latin, hieroglyphs, asps and history’s impressions of the classical world. No more clues, even though this was just the subject of one line rather than the novel itself. It’s funny, when you have something that is so bizarre and off-topic it’s hard to research properly, you have to try and pull together an understanding of it from guesswork and patched together facts. I think we went the right way on this one, as even Shakespeare has something to say about the topic.

Anyhow, writing is coming along well. As at the beginning of most projects, it’s quite slow and tentative work to start with as I get used to the characters and warmed up to the idea of starting a new project.

Today’s word count: 741 words

I’d love to carry on but it’s just after midnight and I’ve to be up early if I’m going to make it to the Miner’s Gala, so going to watch a few videos for inspiration and then head to bed.



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