Ninth to the Twelfth July


Hey everyone!
On Saturday I attended Durham Miner’s Gala, here’s some photos.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that the V for Vendetta guy was right (bit extreme views to be honest!) or that JC is the best guy for the job… went along more for the sense of community and to understand mining in this area as it’s something I might be studying for my History dissertation. When I did a family tree, getting way back until the 1830s, i can’t recall  finding any miners in the direct line, unless I’m misremembering things.


IMG_2848 IMG_2875 IMG_2932 IMG_2909 IMG_2883


Sunday and Monday I was in the house and today I went to the cinema with my Granda to see Independence Day: Resurgence. What a touch of nostalgia that was! May or may not post a full blog on that topic as it was such a weird thing to experience, seeing one of my favourite movies almost remade in full (a LOT of similarities) twenty years later.

Writing is going well, with fully marked up Section One of The Last Days, a print-out of draft one of Robot Dreams arriving via Royal Mail today and adding around 1,600 words to Ghosts of the Tower Today.

Total word count on that project is just over 5,000, which I’m super happy about. It’s always the first couple of thousand words where I falter. If I make it over the 10,000 words line then the project will usually make it to completion, or close to it. Otherwise, I easily discard or forget what I’ve written about so far. What can I say. A few days worth of writing alone doesn’t usually imprint itself on my heart.

Bit of an earlyish night tonight — going to go out tomorrow and may combine a trip to my arts group with some dissertation newspaper research. We’ll see.




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