A Day in the Writing Life (16th July 2016)

Yesterday was one of the rare days when I haven’t been doing much writing, although I managed to edit around 500 words of Robot Dreams. I took a family trip, myself, Mum and Granda, to the site that will be the subject of my dissertation (fingers crossed, anyway). We got some good photos  and I got a feel for the local area, which is especially important when I might be talking to people connected to the events in question or their families. It was an interesting day out, ending with a trip to Chester-le-Street for a lunch of chips on a park bench and then back to Nan’s for a little while before picking Meg up from school.

As anyone who knows me will be aware by now, if I wake up before 8.a.m. it ends badly. In this case, I started feeling slightly dizzy around 5ish and found myself woken up when my Mum came upstairs about half six. The rest of the night was a bit of a washout too. Luckily Meg is almost done at school for the year so there’s no real reason to be up earlier than my body clock allows me after Wednesday!

Today I read The Savage Song – a truly fantastic book that I read literally in one sitting and am completely in love with the characterisation of.

In writing news:

Robot Dreams

Yesterday I managed a couple of hundred words of editing but my current edited total stands at 2234 words, with the novel’s total currently around 1,500 words higher than it was originally.  Minor changes to the first scene meant quite a few alterations in the wording and then there was the job of tidying up the prose. The next few chapters will have some bigger edits as I’m working to change the inciting incident quite a bit!

Ghosts of the Tower

Nothing wrote on this yesterday, but today I managed around 1800 words, bringing us to a quite climatic scene and a total of just under 9,000 words written overall. I started the novel draft on the 9th July, so ten days ago including today, so that’s a pretty good start.

I’d like to move a little quicker on this and Robot Dreams, although this has meant that The Last Days is having to go a little bit to the backburner – it’s much less well formed than these two ideas. Once I’ve got solid drafts of these two I’ll take another look at my plans for TLD. It’d be a shame to trunk it, but some of the prose is a year old and it’s almost painful to see how much my writing has improved in that year.

So we’ll see…

Tomorrow I’ll be walking 500 miles, metaphorically at least, so better get to bed, (Concert to watch tomorrow!)




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