Writing Live – 23 July

This has been a really slow week. Probably because I’ve been focused a lot on making sure that revisions of Robot Dreams are going well rather than on Ghosts in the Tower. However, as I can sense I’ve lost a bit of momentum on that project I’m going to change around my focus a little today.

The good news is that while in the number of words I haven’t made that much progress, I can report that I’ve significantly changed the storyline I’ll be working with for Robot Dreams  — which is a pretty big deal considering the impact it’s going to have on the story. What got me thinking about making edits was a combo of both an author blog I read and the realisation that when I thought about writing a query letter I couldn’t quite highlight the external conflict as well as the internal one. That is going to change this draft!

And now, on to my writing live-blog. We’ll be starting with the WriteBox document I’ve been writing in, current word count of that document 130 words. I’ll be living blogging when I’m writing throughout the day, as well as word counts when I start and end each session.


12.25 – Let’s start
Current word count: 0

12.34 – Break
Current word count: 412 words

I’m at a really exciting part but I can tell that it may be lunch time soon and then it would break my concentration if I try and restart at a part I’m not excited to write — that ‘s why there was such a delay for the last few days on me writing. So I’ll return soon.


Start word count – 412

Well, not soon exactly but I’m here. Been out to the shops to get rid of some clothes I bought that were no good and watched a copious amount of Suits! Reason I didn’t come back earlier is that this part I’m writing is something I’ve been really looking forward to so thought I’d do better if I had that motivation behind me.

Finish word count @ 22.57 including drama from an unflushing toilet, chatting to people about the drama of making realistic historical characters and hugging my cat: 1,414 words.

Not much on its own but it’s significant, I’ve now broken the invisible ‘block’ — once I stop writing a certain project for a few days I often struggle to return to it at first. Problem solved.





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