Writing Live: 28th July

I’m going to try writing in really short bursts, of a song’s length or less, to see if that gives me some motivation to start the new scenes for Robot Dreams.


Start writing: 11.03
Start word count doc: 124
Finish writing: 11.06
End word count doc: 255 words (126)


Start writing: 11.12
Start word count: 255 words
Finish writing: 11.19
End word count doc: 598 words. (474)

Start writing: 15.37
Start word count: 598 words
Finish writing: 15.43
End word count doc: 851 words (727)

(Got distracted last time as had something pop up that I had to think about and then never managed to come back to it… Wow, it’s late and while this word count isn’t exactly impressive I’m happy with one thing – now at least I’ve broken the cycle of the past week or so of just writing 100-200 words a day!
Start writing: 11.36 pm
Start word count: 851 words (727)
Finish writing: 11.43pm
End word count doc: 1,035 (~890)

Good to be unblocked!



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