Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a phrase I’ve heard a lot from book bloggers and is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine which focuses on the awesome books that people are looking forward to reading. 

I’ve decided to join in with Waitincover11.jpgg on Wednesday as there’s a book I’m super excited for that I’d like to talk a little bit about and figured it was a great opportunity to pre-schedule a post while I’m away from the computer.

The book I’m waiting for? Isaac Marion’s The Burning World. It’s the second book in a series combining Romeo and Juliet with the horrors of a zombie apocalypse, starring our own favourite zombie R.

The first book, Warm Bodies, was very good and spawned some interesting questions on human nature (as well as an, in my opinion, less interesting movie adaptation).

It’s a few years on from when I read Warm Bodies and was very happy to learn that there’ll be a follow-up soon. Looking forward to reading this one next year!



18th-26th August

18th August murder mystery stolen identity trwasure hunt

On the 18th, yesterday, I went to Newcastle especially to write. I figured it would be a good idea to go and have a proper writing session at the library there, and pick up some of the Green Thunder cheese I’d been craving (had it once from a Christmas market in Edinburgh and loved it then – not so much this time).
Word count: 3000 words+

Yay! I haven’t had a day like that in over a month, when I was writing the ending of the first draft of Robot Dreams. This time around, I was rewriting one of my favourite scenes and worrying about the fact the novel seems to be getting shorter in the retelling, there’s been a lot to cut out. Luckily, I’ve found a way to add a new mini-storyline to this part which also ups the stakes quite significantly. That’s what I hope to start writing today (19th).

19th August
Not really a writing day, just going to do a few words to keep going. Lazy day. Read SJ Watson’s new book from cover to cover, woke up at eleven, that kind of thing. Had a laugh with Mum, spent some time sitting with her in the evening with my cat vying for everyone’s attention.

20th August

Think I might try out the word crawl training camp sprints. This sprint is archived over at WikiWrimo.

Check-in: Well, the thread isn’t there so I can’t see how many comments there are. I’ll just do a one song burst instead. I’ve selected a Youtuber’s cover of a song from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I did a bit of rewriting of the few sentences I scribbled down, sans punctuation, yesterday evening and then carried it forward.
Word count: 165 words

Five minute dash: This one is exactly what it says on the tin. But because it’s quite hard in the flow of writing to just determine what a five minute span of time is, I’m going with this as being the length of two songs instead – so just over six minutes.
Word count: 367 words

Relay race: Well, there isn’t a three digit number pre-selected and I prefer time challenges so I’ll random a number between 1-20. I got eleven!  So I’ll listen to a song and find two shorter songs to make it up to eleven minutes.
Word count: 352 words

That song comin’ through your headphones: I’ve chosen a Postmodern Jukebox cover for this. It was one I hadn’t heard before and it wasn’t exactly my favourite thing I’ve ever heard.
Word count: 152 words 

Then I went out to a live historical show, which was very fun if not a bit historically inaccurate, and then it was after midnight and I slept…

21st August

I’ll be continuing with the rest of that writing crawl today as it was a really enjoyable one to write along to.

Two laps: This one calls for a ten minute word war, so that’s what I shall do.
Word count: 550 words
I didn’t really follow it as a ten minute one but as a much slower meander through the writing journey, as I was probably a bit tired or slower on my creative feet as it were. Words have been written though and as its again midnight I’ll be off. Hoping to tomorrow make it out to the library again as that was a great way to get some words written.

22nd August

Well, yesterday wasn’t a very productive day but I’m back in the library, it’s just before 1pm and I’m ready to write. There’s a section I’d really love to get completed today, so let’s aim for that! I’ll start off with the word crawl to get myself started.

Where’s the finish line? This part of the word crawl asks for you to sprint to the next 1000 words on your document. I’m not working on the main novel document however, as that’s on Scrivener on the PC at home, so I’ll just take that as being the equivalent from my other document… around 750 words 🙂

Word count: ~900 words

Camp laundromat: This one calls for a twenty five minute sprint, so I guess that’s what I’ll be going for. It’s around twenty past 2pm now, so that will take me until quarter to three.
Word count: 587 words

Three laps: This one is a fifteen minute sprint so I’ll get started with that one after a very quick break. Time for the fifteen minute sprint, me thinks! 15.22
Word count: 398 words

A flash of red light flew through the air

May the words be forever in your favour: The next step on this writing crawl, which seems obscenely long now that I can see I am still nowhere near its end, is to write a random number of words between 300 and 800 — as selected by a randometer. Instead, I’ll set a time goal as that is much easier to orchestrate. Let’s go for ten minutes, that’s a nice round number. So that means I’ll be stopping at quarter to four to see how much further I’d like to go this writing session, or if I’d like to continue on from home.

Well, I didn’t stop at quarter to four. Somehow I thought the finishing time was five to four and have ended up trailing off just before four p.m. Wow, that was an intense final writing session for my time at the library. I’ve just reached a pivotal scene in this part of the novel, which I only decided to add after my younger sister reminded me that there needs to be an EXTERNAL conflict relating to the main character’s humanity or lack of it. So that’s what this scene will really represent. I’m quite excited to finish this one so will hopefully continue to advance with it once I’m home for the evening.
Word count: 470 words

Final word count for Newcastle Library writing session: ~2348 words (with a scene started that I’ve plotted a little out for before I leave – yay.)

I think I’m going to get a grilled cheese sandwich from Five Guys as a sort of ‘reward’, I’m not really in any rush back!

Well, I didn’t end up with that sandwich. When I’d arrived at the library it was a bit of a miserable day but by the time I left and stepped outside, freed from the A/C in the library, it was really warm. Too warm for a toastie to be a really exciting proposition. So instead I just headed home.

It’s 10pm so there isn’t really time to do another level to the writing crawl, but I will do a little bit more writing seeing as I’m at a good part in the story!
Which meant

23rd – Writing free day

24th August – Minimal writing day

25th August – ~600 words

Megan’s GCSE results today (did well: yay!), doing the traumatic flea treatment on kitties (although my favourite one rewarded me later by being as affectionate as any dog) and watching Coach Trip.

26th August – ~350 words [and a pre-written blog post]

Today I took my kitties to the cattery, did some organising, wrote blog posts and woke up so late it’s a wonder I did anything productive today!



17th August

Today I went shopping with my Mum and Nanna, ending up in a Costa Coffee with what was probably the best cheese (and tomato) toastie I’ve ever tasted in my life. Yum.

Going to try some Song Bursts. For anyone wondering what these are, it’s where you set a song up to play and write for the duration of one song… a very very short period of time, yes, but it’s surprising how productive you can be when time is running against you.

Burst One:  Rewriting
Time: 19.54
End time: 19.57

Burst Two: Rewriting
Time – 19.57
End time: 20.03 

Burst Three: Rewriting
Time – 20.03
End time – ?

Burst Four: Rewriting
Time – 21.00
End time – 21.03

Burst Five: Rewriting
Time – 21.05
End time – .

Burst Six: Rewriting
Time – 21.44
End time – Did this one even happen?

Burst Seven: Rewriting
Time: 22.15
End time- 22.18

Burst Eight: 22.23
End time: ?

Burst Nine: 22.35
End time: 22.42

Burst Ten: 23.55
End time: ? some time before 00.01

Word count: 1200 words approximately

Rewriting can be something that is a little difficult to sustain energy on, especially when the broad brushstrokes of the story are already long familiar to me. It’s exciting to look back at how it’s changed though – because now it is starting to feel like a real world shaped on the page rather than a hastily spun tale 😀


Writing Live: 12th August

I’m back, little while since I’ve posted here! Yesterday went to see Suicide Squad with Meg – great movie – and have been writing poetry with my arts group the last few weeks as well as everything else writing related or not.

Thought I’d re-add the Robot Dreams cover to these posts, seeing as that is whaScreenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40t I’m really working on at the moment. I’m just over 10,000 words into Ghosts in the Tower and really need to do some more research and thinking about what I want to come next.

Meanwhile, the beginning of Robot Dreams has been absolutely pulled apart (by me) and I’m now working on putting it back together in a way that makes a lot more sense. This is a much more serious attempt at improving things than the last time I second drafted something, so yay!

The last three weeks or so have been an interesting journey, with writing output declining when I started to think about After Uni Plans but that’s been put on hold once more, so I’m able to write much more easily again.

I’ve found a writing crawl I’d like to try some time and see how it works for me, to try and start filling the gaps between Draft One and Draft Two — I’ve got about 6,000 words in this sequence to write before the gap is filled, and then will have to go back and add 2,000 words earlier on to fill in how the two sets of characters meet. It’s strange, how before I wrote this book I’d never realised how important ripping up your stories can be, in order to find what should be lying at its core.

Of course, once the gaps are filled the first draft will still need to be completely rewritten, but a lot of that will be more in a streamlining the plot rather than getting hold of a bulldozer way. So that’ll be nice too!

The word crawl I’ll be utilising in my writing at some point hopefully is the Follow the Adventure Arc Crawl over at the NaNoWriMo forums. If you’re wondering why I haven’t given a link, it’s because by the time anyone reads this it’s likely that the forums will have rebooted for the 2016 season. My responses will be one sided, I don’t really want to duplicate someone else’s crawl prompts in full when I can’t even credit them by their real name.

I got distracted so will be looking at the writing crawl some other time.

Total: ~800 words