17th August

Today I went shopping with my Mum and Nanna, ending up in a Costa Coffee with what was probably the best cheese (and tomato) toastie I’ve ever tasted in my life. Yum.

Going to try some Song Bursts. For anyone wondering what these are, it’s where you set a song up to play and write for the duration of one song… a very very short period of time, yes, but it’s surprising how productive you can be when time is running against you.

Burst One:  Rewriting
Time: 19.54
End time: 19.57

Burst Two: Rewriting
Time – 19.57
End time: 20.03 

Burst Three: Rewriting
Time – 20.03
End time – ?

Burst Four: Rewriting
Time – 21.00
End time – 21.03

Burst Five: Rewriting
Time – 21.05
End time – .

Burst Six: Rewriting
Time – 21.44
End time – Did this one even happen?

Burst Seven: Rewriting
Time: 22.15
End time- 22.18

Burst Eight: 22.23
End time: ?

Burst Nine: 22.35
End time: 22.42

Burst Ten: 23.55
End time: ? some time before 00.01

Word count: 1200 words approximately

Rewriting can be something that is a little difficult to sustain energy on, especially when the broad brushstrokes of the story are already long familiar to me. It’s exciting to look back at how it’s changed though – because now it is starting to feel like a real world shaped on the page rather than a hastily spun tale 😀


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