I’m Back!

Day Uno 

I’ve been away for a week, but I’m back and ready to write some more of Robot Dreams — and have already got an idea for what my next project may be about 🙂 (next bar one I should say, as there is still Ghosts in the Tower to consider!).Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

For the first time last night, I actually dreamt about this novel. Some stories come out of dreams for me and others don’t. But I dreamt about plotting this novel — it was winter, my sister and I were walking up and down a snowy path and, almost like a secondary dream, I could see the scenes from this story that need to happen. Sadly, when I woke, a lot of it was gone. But it’s nice to know the excitement is still there, of wanting to know what happens next.

Day Two

I’m feeling a smidgeon of writer’s block at the moment, for which the reason is that I haven’t wrote for about 9-10 days. I have an issue where if I stop writing for any reason it’s incredibly difficult to get started again, no matter how excited I am about a project. All day I’ve been trying to get writing and just after ten p.m. I’m going to do a little — just to make sure that I do so tomorrow can be a new day.

162 words and a few bullet points about what comes next isn’t the best writing day I’ve ever had but it’s progress all the same!




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