September 17th: Update

Since setting off for a holiday at the end of August, I’ve scarcely written. Part of that is because once I get into a habit of not writing I just seem to… stop and the other side of it is that it’s been quite hard to keep up with writing when I stupidly decided to stop a writing session at Central Library at pretty much the most gripping part of the whole section I’ve been writing. Without giving myself any idea of how to carry on, seeing as there is probably another 5,000 –  10,000 words before this joins up with what I had been writing before.

I’ve also got gaps to fill in order to make this draft make any sense whatsoever, which is an interesting thing to remember. So. I really wanted to have a finished second draft by the time I went back to uni but really, that is unlikely now, no matter how fast I am able to write over the next few weeks. I’ll start again and try and keep going but I’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of me.

I’m going to try and get at least a few paragraphs today and then make a good start on getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!

I got around 220 words which is, of course, nothing but the important thing is that there’s something new on the page to work with.



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