NaNoWriMo Xtreme Five Hour Word Sprint II

Let’s Do This!

I might not actually make it to the end of the sprint but worth giving it a go!Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Hour One 19.20 – 20.20

17 mins of NaNo word sprint = 648

A couple of minutes more = 136

Hour One: 784

Hour Two 20.20- 21.20

1k30min = 1047 words

10 min = 287

Hour Two: 1334 

Hour Three 21.20 – 22.20

20 minutes = 451

Hour Three: 451

Hour Four 22.20 – 23.20

10 minutes  = 435

Managed to burn my hand on the oven tray cooking mozarella sticks…

Hour Five 23.20 – 0.20

Well, hasn’t been anywhere near as productive night as earlier in the week, lost a bit of time to mozzie burns and cooking but still positive. Going to continue writing until I feel I should stop, whatever time that ends up being!




This year, like every other year, I’ve been trying out NaNoWriMo. Surprisingly, for the first time since I was still in secondary school I am actually in a position where I might just complete the challenge! I have cheated a little though, you see, because I’m working on the second draft on Robot Dreams.

Today, I’m going to attempt a 10K Day as it’s the last weekend day before the end of the challenge!

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

I’ve decided I’m going to write about it here as earlier in the year I quite liked the idea of keeping a record of writing.

Today I’ve also been watching the new Netflix drama 3%, which is absolutely incredible if you get a chance to watch it. Watched four episodes of that so my writing for the day will start in the early evening rather than the afternoon. Has been a great show so far though!

I’ll be trying the Xtreme Five Hour Word Crawl over at the NaNoWriMo forums from 18.40pm this evening onwards, giving me a finish time of just before midnight. If I reach my target earlier than that I will probably finish early too!

Hour One: 19.00 – 20.00
20 minute sprint with NaNo Word Sprints = 795
Great to see people in my accommodation but not great it always seems to happen when I’m in PJs>.<

Total for the hour – 795
Total for the evening so far – 795

Hour Two: 20.00 – 21.00

20 minute sprint with NaNo Word Sprints [they were doing a 1k30min) = 695
15 minute sprint with NaNo Word Sprints = 579

Total for the hour – 1274
Total for the evening- 2069

Hour Three: 21.00 – 22.00
10 minutes = 295
[that fire alarm in hour one really distracted me as I was just settling in for the night and it really took me out of the writing headspace!]

Hour Four: 22.00 – 23.00

30 minute 1k30min with the wonderful people over at NaNoWordSprints= 1263
30 minute 1k30 min going into the next hour = 978
Total for the evening so far: 4605 words

Hour Five: 23.00 – 24.00

After the shaky start from the fire alarm – although that resulted in getting to meet some of the others living in the same building as me – I’m not going to make the 10kDay as I was hoping to. Realistically though, that was an impossible task when I hadn’t even started writing until 7pm!!!

20 minute sprint with NaNo Twitter = 395 a bit slower but starting to get distracted as we come to the end of the evening!

Additional writing until the end of hour five = 445 words

Hour Six (!!!): 24.00 – 24.10
OK, I kept on writing a little while past the end of the fifth hour, although the fact that there was a massive fire alarm break at the start had something to do with that 🙂
That gave about another 400 words.

Final Count:
On my Writebox document the final word count for the evening is a marvellous 5,872 words!!

And that’s what that looks like on my NaNo graph, bearing in mind it is after midnight so I added it to the previous day:

Well, it’s a bit late and I do have a seminar at 10am I need to do a little bit of reading for, so going to have to bid writing adieu 😉

Emma x