NaNoWriMo Xtreme Five Hour Word Sprint II

Let’s Do This!

I might not actually make it to the end of the sprint but worth giving it a go!Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 14.21.40

Hour One 19.20 – 20.20

17 mins of NaNo word sprint = 648

A couple of minutes more = 136

Hour One: 784

Hour Two 20.20- 21.20

1k30min = 1047 words

10 min = 287

Hour Two: 1334 

Hour Three 21.20 – 22.20

20 minutes = 451

Hour Three: 451

Hour Four 22.20 – 23.20

10 minutes  = 435

Managed to burn my hand on the oven tray cooking mozarella sticks…

Hour Five 23.20 – 0.20

Well, hasn’t been anywhere near as productive night as earlier in the week, lost a bit of time to mozzie burns and cooking but still positive. Going to continue writing until I feel I should stop, whatever time that ends up being!



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