NaNoWriMo Ramblings

Initially posted on Facebook, I realised this was much better placed on my blog so decided to copy it over too!
A long rambling post probably better suited to my blog, but seeing as I scarcely post on here anymore except to bitch about uni…

NaNoWriMo has been something I take part in every year since I’ve been 12 or 13, when I completed the challenge for the first time. With the utter hell that was trying to get the entry grades for Durham at a school like the one I went to, the last time I managed to ‘win’ was during one of my GCSE years.

Until today, that is! Despite the horrendous few weeks that was my experience of trying to get enough sleep while in college, I did it. Since mid-November everything’s been looking up general (asides from the political state of the world, but that’s never been good…)

Today I spent eight and a bit hours at the Record Office looking at documents from the 1950s onwards about coal mining and the local area and then came home to write — even though I wasn’t really in the mood after a long day and probably would have overloaded on Netflix otherwise.

Close to 7,000 words later and I’m stopping for the night, finally having completed the part of bridging Draft One of my novel with Draft Two — one more scene and then everything I write will just be redrafting of draft one. Super glad as the redrafting is the bit I’ve been looking forward to, much more fun than trying to connect the dots between plot holes 🙂
It’s already 70,000 words and I’ve got loads left to redraft, so quite intrigued to see how long it’s going to be!

While I’ve been writing this I’ve been watching videos that relate to another story idea I worked on this summer with my sister and am looking forward to getting back to soon 😀

And… now I should probably do my reading for tomorrow’s seminar meeting.


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