Home for the Holidays!


I’m finally home from uni for the holidays and it is a super weird feeling. I was in the university library until Monday afternoon furiously writing an essay that was due that evening and now I’m just… free. Sort of. There’s still uni stress and other third year stress and all of those things that it’s hard to feel free from.

But. I’m home and that’s something different and special, so I’m trying to focus on that. Yesterday I just lazed around the house all day but today my sister and I went Christmas shopping and went out for a meal at Frankie’s and Benny’s. There’s plans with family for later in the week too.

Today, seeing as I haven’t actually wrote since the end of November due to being completely snowed under with uni work, I’ve decided to spend at least part of the holiday getting back into the writing of Robot Dreams. After a conversation about Ghosts of the Tower with my sister today I’m super excited to get back into writing that but I want to finish the second draft of this project first!



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