Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It’s been a interesting year, with its ups and downs like any other year. In some respects 2016 feels like s15844192_10207588296976830_327525266104470149_oomething of a horror movie and, if you’ve seen the video spoof trending on Youtube currently you’ll have a visualisation of exactly what I mean. Otherwise you can probably just get. I’m not going to discuss in detail the dreaded B-R-E-X-I-T or the victory of the reptilian D.T. All joking aside, politics isn’t what this blog is for.


This year has been an interesting one both personally and writing wise. It’s been tricky not having as much time with family as I’d like during the major uni deadline/exams periods and it’s also been really strange moving out from college into a studio apartment in the last few months too. The Creative Writing Society has twice evolved into a group where we meet up for roleplay and/or board games outside of the sessions which added something great to my time at uni. New friends, new experiences, a new year.

Writing wise its also been interesting. Looking at my posts in December last year I was talking about a project based on my experiences of having scoliosis, which was actually abandoned pretty sharpishly after that. It was something that was so cathartic to write but found that continuing to work on it might have been tricky over time. So I moved on to focusing on the time travel novel I’d been working on but after writing the best scene of it, I stopped that at 65,000 words into the first draft for a break. Perhaps I’ll go back to that at some point, perhaps not, it was a fun project.



The next project idea I came up with after that was for Ghosts of the Tower, which I got around 10,000 words into during the summer. I’ve shown this opener to my sister (wearing the Christmas hat above) and have also fully plotted out the rest of the first draft so hopefully in 2017 I’ll be able to make some good headway on that project — perhaps even finish it!

The main creative outlet this year has been Robot Dreams though, which officially started life on April 1st. That was the first day of Camp NanoWriMo and the first day of writing, although I believe I came up with the idea for it a few days before then. If you look at the drabble fic I posted in January though, I think the seeds were planted a little earlier than March.

By early July I’d finished the incredibly rough first draft which weighed in at about 68,000 words. I’ve been working on that since then and am currently getting pretty close to the end of draft two, as you can see below…


wordcountI guess the only thing left is to tell you my resolutions for 2017!

1. Finish a project completely!
This might mean having it ready to query to agents or just ready to share with someone who isn’t a beta reader, I’m yet to decide, but I want a wholly done project by the end of 2017.

2. Have at least a complete draft of Ghosts of the Tower (or some other new project if not that)
I’m reluctant to commit to a certain novel but I do so love the idea behind this one!

3. Graduate from uni!!!

4. Start something new and continue to enjoy writing 😀


Happy New Year and the best of festive wishes

Emma xx


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