Finishing Robot Dreams [Draft Two]

As my New Year post proves, I’m really close to finishing Robot Dreams and I’m super excited. There’s been some pretty massive changes from draft one and I’m much happier with the quality of writing in this draft, although there’s a long way still to go.

I’m going to write this evening and hopefully I’ll be able to reach the end of the draft before much longer. On Jan 1 my word count was 746 and yesterday was just 168 as I had other commitments. It’s a strange feeling moving towards the end of a major project you’ve been working on for a long time but it’s also refreshing too. It’ll be fun to have a change!

Draft completed just before midnight on January 3rd at around 88,000 words with some gaps to fill in! Have ordered two wirebound copies — one for me to use and the other for my first beta reader on the project 😀 

Going to try an experiment project briefly to see if it’s something that’ll work!


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