Drabble Fic Five: Royal

Short starter written after seeing a French movie trailer about a seventeenth century man in opulent setting… As I don’t speak French, a little unsure of what the exact plot was, but here goes my piece! 

There is nothing more perfect than a rich man scorned. Angry, scandalised, incandescent with rage: they have such a beautiful aura. When anger is disguised it can be beautiful. Exposed, it is little more than an inconvenience.

I work in the shadows, amongst the hidden people. I break bread with the beggars and share a bed with the homeless, yet it is among the richest that I am most at home. I breathe in their emotions like a child inhales praise.

The poor are enough to sustain me, but I’ll never be whole with just their care alone. It’s not quite enough. So I search out the rich and the unsatisfied and I make myself whole, even if it leaves them a little more broken.

It is a strategy that has served me well for centuries. Time old strategies cannot last forever, as I learned when I met the Count…


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