Drabble Fic Night 2: Dinosaur on Trial

Written after watching a trailer for a Walt Disney Film called One of Your Dinosaurs is Missing. Incomplete as I spent far too long finishing off the first one!

[Translating matrix calculating…]

There was nothing wrong with me. I was just out of place and out of time. A relic from times gone by. It didn’t mean they no longer loved me or that I was worthless. In fact, it made me rather special.

I wasn’t blind, you know. I could look over an intern’s shoulder and read the value they gave me on their websites. A multi-million dollar find! Little old me, and I was worth so much.

Well, slavery isn’t right. You couldn’t really call it anything else, could you? They didn’t ask before they dug me out of the ground and they didn’t ask before they put me up on display, prostituting me as if I was some kind of toy made for their amusement.

I’m not. I’m a dinosaur and I’m proud.

The looks you humans give me, as if I’m an evil creature just because I’m not the same as you. Come on, you’re not scared of elephants are you? Yes, I know what an elephant is, I’m not rawr rawr rawr [calculating…] completely obtuse.

I manage to communicate with you well enough, you just don’t understand what I’m saying. That’s your shortfall, not mine.


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