The Drabble Fic Night: Introduction

Tonight I’ll be posting five short fics, all inspired by one of the videos we’ve been watching at the Creative Writing Society meeting this evening. I’ll try and post them as I write them, rather than doing them after the fact. This first drabble was written after watching a Scandinavian film trailer, that only featured the old woman for a short time. She wasn’t an important character as far as I could tell, but here she is in my musings…

Over the time I’ve been at Creative Writing Society I haven’t often wrote along to the prompt, having been deep into some novel or the other I’ve been writing. At the moment it’s a little different as I’ve finished the second draft of Robot Dreams and am too enmeshed in my dissertation/uni work to start a completely new project, with the other one I’ve got on the go far too complicated and research heavy to be really focusing on writing at this point in time.

So here I am, here in the moment, posting some short fics to try and fuel the writing fires at a time when I haven’t actually got a lot of free time to write!


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