Happy 21st to Me (featuring two adorable cats)

This is a completely random post but I just wanted to share these adorable pictures from a messenger call with my Mum earlier today, when I was in the midst of getting ready and ordering food, and getting happy birthday sung to me 😀


These are my two kitties and while at uni I miss them very much, there’s something wonderful to be said about spending time with pets. It just makes everything seem a little better. The more photogenic looking cat has — I believe — never featured on this blog but she’s the littermate of my writing buddy Star, pictured below completely ignoring the camera…

Looking forward to a visit home once I’ve finished my essay next week, and starting to come up with ideas for my next short-term project 😀

screenshot-2017-01-25-at-13-48-11 screenshot-2017-01-25-at-13-47-04


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