Reading Regularly

Reading Regularly 2017: Book 3 [The Burning World by Isaac Marion]

Image result for burning world isaac marionI’ve been waiting to read The Burning World for years, ever since I knew it was a thing. It’s been a weird wait. When I read Warm Bodies I can remember feeling much more hopeful about the state of the world than I do now. Perhaps that’s why parts of The Burning World felt a little… uncomfortably true. I won’t go into it, spoiler alert, but the whole corporate story line made me a bit uneasy. I knew the book was going to be on a bigger scale than the original, but it was still odd to read.

There’s something weird about reading a book that is both something you’ve been waiting for a long time to see and also completely different to anything you imagined it would be. So. It’s difficult to get my thoughts in order on this one. It’s definitely a 4/5, that’s for sure. I enjoyed it enough to sit the day it came out before my lecture and then all the way until I went to bed reading it from cover to cover.

It just felt like there was something missing. I think the main reason for that was probably that the next half of the story isn’t out yet — The Burning World is the first part of a story too long to tell in one book. It made things feel a little bittersweet. There were some revelations, but not all the ones I was hoping for. There were some reunions, but not the ones I’d imagined. Some character development, but not completely realised.

I’ll be waiting the next book eagerly to find out what happens to all the main characters I love. It’s interesting too, how the way the world has changed since 2010 and 2017 is clear in the difference between this book and the last. Seriously, some of the postapocalyptic features (the walls, anyone?) felt a little close to home.

At least there are no zombies in real life though.


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