So, here’s the thing. I love writing Robot Dreams and I love writing Ghosts of the Tower (but that one’s a little too complex for my degree addled brain right now) and I want to reclaim the excitement of the First Draft once again. It’s been an odd few months, full of essays and exhaustion and mini existential crises. Let’s just say that third year doesn’t give you much time to think about what you actually want.

After my essay deadline last Friday I went home, completely exhausted. I came back to uni on Monday for some classes and then went back home until Thursday when I have a lecture. It was awesome. Really amazing to have a break. I finally had my birthday meal with family, I was able to separate the person I am at university from who I really am and have a break from the weirdness that is Durham.

Yesterday I went to my last college ball here in Durham, as I’m unlikely to be going to the one in the summer. Here’s a picture of me before I went out, ft. my Year 13 prom dress. It was a good night, so different from the Candlemas I remember from first year but still fun. There’ll be some better photos later on, when they’re uploaded or delivered.

But it was nice. It also made me remember that at the end of my time at uni it isn’t just my degree I’ll be leaving with, but the memories and experiences I’ve given myself along the way. So. Another experience I’d like — to once again be writing in my uni  bedroom with the little lamp on, no cares in the world other than the story tumbling out of my head.

I have work to do today, obviously, but this evening I’ll be back and blogging. Starting something new. Living in the moment, not in the textbook, for once.

See you then!




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