Reading Regularly

Reading Regularly 2017: Book 4 [Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan]

For those who are new to my blog (hello, by the way!) Reading Regularly is a regular series of blog posts in which I talk about books I’ve been reading pretty soon after turning to the final page. It’s a snapshot of how I felt about each book I’ve read this year, not intended as a review but just a quick working through of thoughts on a title. There’s generally no star ratings, no detailed analysis, only an emotional response. I’d love to hear what you think about the books I’ve been reading too! 

Image resultThis book was an impulse buy, based on the absolutely stunning title and the wonderful recommendations I’d seen for it online. I bought it very late at night quite early on in the week and it’s been the latest in a string of great reads. I’ve been really lucky with my reading choices lately!

Hold Back The Stars was a really well put together book, with the ending really resonating with me. There were lots of ways a story based on two people stuck in space running out of oxygen could have went and the ending was nothing that I was expecting. Not until it was right there in front of me, a few pages away.

It’s great for reading to be magical again, something done to lose yourself in fiction, rather than to analyse some dusty historical facts. This was a quick read, short and snappy, but it was one I enjoyed.

Once it was over, it became a little bittersweet. It’s hard to say exactly why without ruining the plot for anyone yet to read. Strangely, it felt like a perfect summer read for sitting on the beach with. It is, of course, not summer yet but today the sun was shining and the weather a little improved, so I can at least pretend warmth is on its way.

I read Hold Back the Stars over the course of a few nights, at a time when I was very stressed with uni, and it was great to delve into a world made only of words for a few hours at least.


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