Time for Robot Dreams Draft Three!

This weekend I came up with yet another idea for a new project, to do with a shadow detaching from a person when they commit something terrible and living out a life independent of them.

It seems fun, it seems new and it seems exciting. But there’s just one thing. Last night I had a dream that was, essentially, a scene from Robot Dreams playing out again.

And it reminded me of the story that’s still sitting half formed, waiting to be rewritten once again.

It would be really neat if by 1st April, a year on from the day I begun writing, I could say that — for now — Robot Dreams is complete. So far there’s been around 160,000 words put into the story and there’s many more to go.

So here goes. A pledge, a promise to myself.

I will write, and I will rewrite.

Until the very last page.


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