Reading Regularly 2017: Book 5 [The White Princess by Philippa Gregory]


It’s been a while without reading for fun, once again, and that’s been weird. I decided to restart my reading adventures with a book I first bought (hardback, more difficult for my hands/wrists, so never got around to it) way back when it first came out. I’d read all of the earlier books in the series, bar the one about Jacqueta, and was eager to give this one a go. I’d loved The White Queen on TV, as well as the many fanvids and fanfictions about the series, so wanted to read The White Princess before that show comes around next month.

I found this one a little slower to get into than the others, perhaps because it is edging closer to a historical period I know things about. I’ve studied Henry VII at university but have always had an interest in English history from Henry VIII onwards, so I had a barebones idea of how this was going to go even before I started reading. It does take away the thrill a little bit, especially when it is written in straightforward prose rather than the ingenious innovation of my beloved Wolf Hall!

I am very impressed though how the author jumps a little forward in history each time through a different character’s eyes. I started reading Three Sisters Three Queens just before reading this and am going to give it a fresh go having read Elizabeth of York’s story (I found the main character of that one a little whiny in the early chapters, understandable given her age).

The development of Elizabeth’s relationship with Henry over time was brilliant and the threading in of the curse that has plagued the series since The White Queen was great, especially since it provides an answer of sorts to the question of who — in this fictional universe at least — is responsible for the death of the Princes in the Tower.

The ending was perfect, as I came closer to the end I wondered if the book was going to deal with the final heartbreak right towards the end of Elizabeth’s life. As far as I remember, It didn’t. That wasn’t the last scene. And I loved the book for that.

Next Up on Reading Regularly: I have a few books I started earlier in the year during the business of university that I might try and finish soon, especially one of them that I was only a few chapters from the end of back in January or February. I’ve also just started reading the latest Sophie Kinsella novel! If anyone has any reading suggestions, do let me know 🙂



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