Uni: Third Year Life

Introducing… Third Year Life!

Recently, post dissertation, I’ve been thinking a lot about my experience here at Durham and how I’m going to look back on it. I’ve also been watching some Youtubers who have Vlogged about their own university experience and have realised that, while that format isn’t for me, I’d quite like to record my last few months at university.

There’s something final about leaving Durham as, although I might come back, it won’t be the same. I’m feeling oddly nostalgic and know that when I look back, everything might seem clique or strange. But that’s ok.

It’s 2nd April and my last exam is 30th May. 

Watch out for some posts about my experiences during those two months and apologies for disruption to the usual Creative Writing posts, although I hope the broadened focus is of interest to you.


2nd April

Today I’m finishing off my notes for the triple module that I’m taking, in the history of fifth century Gaul. It’s a topic I knew nothing about at the start of this academic year and have really enjoyed learning about, especially as the collaborative style of the course has reduced the loneliness that having less than five contact hours a week is likely to cause.

I’ve also explored the area around Durham with a friend, stepping out into the sunshine and away from journal articles and computer screens for the afternoon. I’m back now, flicking between Netflix drama Thirteen Reasons Why and articles on the fall of Rome.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be starting my essay work for either this module or my French Revolution historiography module. But, that’s at least not tonight!


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