Uni: Third Year Life

Forests, Farms and Reading

It’s been an interesting few days. I wrote my second uni focused blog on the 3rd and it’s now the 6th… trying to keep days straight in my head is quite hard at the moment!

Tuesday: I genuinely can’t remember what I did on Tuesday, aside from ordering in food as I wasn’t feeling the best and was really craving something more substantial than I had left in my room.

Wednesday: Yesterday I managed to read five journal articles/book chapters relating to my two essay topics that I’m working on and then met a friend in the evening to try and find a hidden gem located close to where I live… We found it, but turns out it’s only open on certain days, so we instead ate and watched Rick and Morty. Interesting show but not quite sure what I think of it really!

Thursday: Today was another slightly odd day. I woke up slightly earlier than I have been and met up with a friend who studies my course. We met in Freshers’ Week, at the History Society party I think, and so we’ve really known each other quite a long time! We had lunch and then went for a wander, as the weather has been surprisingly amazing the last few days. I’m talking no-coat weather, wow.

The week’s almost up and I’m quite tired now, but making good progress on my work. I’ll try and keep up with these short blogs, especially as I don’t seem to be able to mix writing with final year stresses at the moment!

Hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂


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