Uni: Third Year Life

Home, Thinking and Dreaming

I’m trying to keep up with these regular short posts on what it’s like to be in the final year of uni, in the hopes that it’ll mean something to someone. I know that, for me at least, reading posts about what it’s like to study different things at different places is quite interesting. So here goes.

Since my last post on Thursday things have been a little bit quieter and more introspective. On Friday I woke up early to head home for a few days, having a meal out with my Mum at a local restaurant in Newcastle. It was low key, the place we went to wasn’t that great but it was wonderful to spend some quality time together catching up outside of the uni bubble.

Things have been a little bit of a blur lately; of spending time with family and cats, watching TV and slowly making a tiny bit of work progress. It’s given me a chance to reflect on just how much I’m putting into my degree and also how once it’s done I need to give myself something new to hold on to.

Today my sister read the first couple of pages of Robot Dreams, after I gave her it back in January to look at (better late than never) and we’ve been talking about another project of mine I started last summer before returning to uni, while I’ve spoke to my mum about yet another potential story to tell.

There’s still that interlude where I don’t have a lot of time or energy to write but I’ve been looking this afternoon, after we all managed to fix up our outside space a bit, at an experiment some writers have done on Medium where they try and write each and every day for a month or a year. Sharing something of themselves with the world as much as they can. It looks great. And I might just try it. Soon.

For now, hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and I’ll catch up with you in a few days!


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