Uni: Third Year Life

Feeling the Pressure…

So. It’s been a while since I updated the blog with how my final year is going. It’s been a weird few weeks. Almost immediately after my last set of posts I had a good week, and then that was followed by a really dreadful week.

The last week of the vacation was awful for me, because I was trying to work here at uni while also feeling anxious because I was barely seeing anyone (because I was working, energy levels etc) and the whole General Election shitstorm.

Luckily that’s sort of passed now and I’m feeling a lot better, albeit not 100%. Yesterday I handed in my penultimate essay for my History degree. It was a really weird moment. It was a day earlier than it was due, which is very unusual for me, and I couldn’t quite decide whether I liked the essay or not. In the end I decided it really didn’t make much difference, seeing as it counted very little towards my final score and there wasn’t really anything I was clear I wanted to change about it.

It’s been a little bit of a slow morning, but I’m going to go and get ready and head out to do the final pieces of preparatory work before planning my final essay of the year.
And once that’s done it’ll just be the long slog of a few weeks revision and then my degree will be over.

I’ve been thinking about that since the middle of second year, how uni doesn’t last forever, and I’m conscious of the divide I have between wanting to cling onto the social life uni can bring and knowing that I’ve gained all I can for now from studying History.

It’s a tricky one, but I know that over the next few weeks I really do need to prioritise my degree and making sure that the end result is something I’m happy about and proud of.

For all those out there also currently reaching the end of their GCSEs/A-levels/uni, best of luck to you!

Hopefully I’ll be back with some bona fide creative writing very soon.



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