Review: The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door Review

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

It had a killer blurb and recommendations from some of the best crime thriller writers in the business.

I have a feeling though. I’m not the target audience for this book, clearly, as I have no experience of middle class dinner parties or the kind of problems that come with a failing multi-million pound business. Sarcasm, yes, but part of my dislike of this book was my inability to relate to these characters on a personal level.

There is definitely a place for stories about privileged people, but sometimes I want to see people I recognise in the books I read. Struggling with illness or living in a council house, confused about the future or looking forward with great hope.

This book was one I wanted to love. 

Another aspect of this book that disappointed me was the way that the major focus of the book — who took the baby and where she went — was ‘spoiled’. I was really hoping that it would come out through the eyes of the detectives, towards the end of the novel, but at least some details about it were seen towards the middle of the book. It really affected my enjoyment of the book.

I’d give this book a solid 3/5. I did race through the pages quite quickly but when I reached the end, it felt like more of an empty than a fulfilling journey.


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