The Breakdown by B.A. Parris Review

Reading Regularly: The Breakdown by B.A. Parris

I’m starting to wonder if I’m in need of a break from the crime fiction genre.

I love the fast paced nature of them and have read two great books in this sort of vein in the last few weeks (Blood Sisters was the first and the second, even more addictive, was After I’ve Gone – reviews on the way shortly).

Some books in this genre are just too frustrating for me to enjoy and sadly this was one of them. The main character didn’t grab my sympathies and the reason for her initial hysteria made very little sense, perhaps as not enough was made of her family medical background.

There weren’t very many secondary characters so the solution to the issue wasn’t a massive surprise, although I might have been quite impressed by it if I hadn’t been reading reviews of the book before finishing it 😀

For me, the main issue with the book was the repetitive nature of it. I’ve not seen so many scenes of a character waiting for prank phone calls and avoiding them out of fear before.

The writing quality was absolutely fine and the plot itself was good. The book might have made a really exhilarating read if told from the dual perspectives of victim and perpetrator or if it had been a novella instead.

I will still consider future books by this author though as, despite my misgivings about this specific book, Parris really does know how to keep the reader turning the pages.


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