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* Why Students Should Choose to Study in Durham

The Independent

* Scoliosis in Books: What’s Missing?
Disability in Kidlit

Student Journalism 

* From October 2014 – February 2016 I wrote fifty articles for the national student newspaper The Tab, with a total of close to 550,000 views on my work. Stories I’ve broke have subsequently been covered by media outlets such as Daily Star, The Northern Echo and Pink News(October 2014 – February 2016). My full Tab portfolio is viewable at the following link: http://thetab.com/author/emmayeo

* Articles for Durham University’s print and online newspaper Palatinate

* Articles for StudentJourno.com focusing on the practicalities of student journalism. If you’d like to read my tips for writing an effective Freedom of Information Request, you’ve come to the right place 😉

* Short story published on The Bubble, Durham University’s creative online magazine. Let’s glide past the fact I was Creative Editor at the time and so basically granted myself publication…

* Articles for HerCampus.Com, an online magazine written for and by women at universities across the globe.

Older things (included to show that your writing can and will improve with time!) 

* I briefly wrote for culture website WhatCulture back in Sixth Form, although my articles aren’t exactly good if you know what I mean. They were viewed close to 80,000 times in total, but the wonderful accompanying photograph of Matt Smith’s face probably helped.

* My reviews for North East England based youth reviewing site Cuckoo Review

* If you want a blast from the past you might like to check out some of the publicity for the 2013 Sony Young Movellist of the Year Award, in which I placed as runner-up. The quite cringeworthy quote I gave to a journalist from I think it was The Times has now vanished into the ether – lucky me!